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Dress to Impress September 12, 2012

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Another one of my loves is fashion!  I’ve always been kind of embarrassed about this because of all the things in the world, fashion probably isn’t the most important.  I feel very vain when I care so much about how I look, but actually, I think it gives me confidence.  I don’t like high fashion though; it feels like a contest of who can make the weirdest, ugliest, most nonfunctional outfit.  I like fashion that is wearable and that is actually creative and artful.  A designer should either commit to creating works of art, even if the clothing isn’t flattering, or they should make “normal” designs.”


Alexander Mcqueen created outrageous, yet beautiful dresses.  Therefore, they weren’t really meant to be worn in real life, they are really just supposed to be displayed on a runway.  Hair and makeup are usually indicators, as well as the shape-if it is not form fitted or a certain style popular at the current time, then it is probably high fashion.

Then, there are older designers, such as Oscar De La Renta.  Models and stars are always wearing his designs because they are attractive and wearable.

I’m sure if I lived in the world wear you are completely judged based on image, I would take risks.  I’m in between too because I am so envious of people who can pull off exotic or dressy outfits but then totally look down on my classmates who look like they are over 20 and wear heels to school.  I think there is a huge difference even just between high school and college because you have a completely different life where parties and events are a lot more common.



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