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The Never Ending Fight For Equality September 19, 2012

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I’m usually pretty open to opinions but when it comes to gay marriage, I immediately block out negative talk.  I understand loyalty to the Republican party in presidential elections and just personal preference, but this is different.  Fortunately, I have lately been hearing several stories of unlikely people supporting same sex marriage. I love the quote from this article by the New York state senator, Roy J. McDonald, who is Republican.  “I’m in the party of Abraham Lincoln — I’m very proud of that.  I’m not in a party of a bunch of right-wing nitwits. It’s Abraham Lincoln. It’s everybody’s included. And I feel that’s very important.”


The only thing I don’t like about it is its title.  I think it is wrong to come at the issue from a marriage perspective.  I understand that that is the ultimate goal but that is shocking to so many people.  I think they should title it something more like equality, because gay and lesbian people just want to be treated equal/normal and they want to be accepted.


I think a lot of people believe that homosexuals do this to cause a stir up or for attention but it is not something they can control.  It is a feeling that they have from within and it is who they truly are.  I really hope Obama is reelected because I think he is the best president for gays and will do whatever it takes to get them what they want.


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