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Two Kinds September 22, 2012

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I really love Amy Tan and I usually don’t see names I recognize in the anthology, so I was happy to see a familiar writer.  I’ve read Joy Luck Club which I believe Two Kinds is from since she mentions the title.  I think Amy Tan can create the perfect blend of quality and interesting material, and Two Kinds exemplifies just this.  Since I could talk about anything and everything in terms of her writing, I’ll go off what we did in class.  The two significant characters are Amy and her mother.  As complex as her mother’s past was, I think most parents are in a similar position.  Throughout history and still today mothers have been the predominant parent and although they know their kids better, they do the disciplining to sometimes make them look like the bad guy.  I’m actually learning in AP Euro about leaders in this situation.  This quote sums it up-“We have not great things in our time except by those who have been considered mean; the rest have failed.”  Many adults today don’t parent their kids and in a sense, everyone fails.  I think Amy’s mom is such a good parent in that she creates real life lessons.  By trying to make Amy like Shirley Temple, I think she was showing her daughter to watch out for materialism.  She knew her daughter was lazy and would resist her and so she tested her daughter with the piano lessons and performance to see if she would prove her wrong.  Although Amy completely fails, she will never forget that event and the feeling she was left with from her moms disappointment.

Also, sorry I haven’t blogged that much or of great quality so far.  I’m so busy right now but will be less soon!


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