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Good News…Psych! September 25, 2012

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I’m really not a fan of touchy feely literature, so it’s been a struggle reading from the anthology book.  These are much more readable than poems but I still think they feel forced and like the writer feels they must use lots of drama.  It is good to be introduced to a wider variety of writing and also cultures and places around the world.  Recently, I actually liked The Necklace because it was witty and interesting to read.  It’s not so much description and thoughts; instead dialogue is used to tell an ironic story.  I loved how relatable it was-just when things are good and you think you are so sure about something, the situation can turn in an instant.  I recently had an experience where it turned for the best and then the worst!  I was on my official visit at Columbia this weekend and was obviously intimidated at such an amazing school; I was just thankful to be there.  I had a great time but all along was telling myself to not get my hopes up and to be prepared for bad news that it wasn’t going to work out.  After my 2nd night there, my mom texted me saying she had just talked with the distance coach and it was looking good.  She said I am untapped potential which is just what they’re looking for.  I think I sent my mom 10 texts asking if she was serious.  I mean I work hard but how could I get in?!  It sounds so corny but it really goes to show if you shoot high, anything can happen.  The next day we met with the head coach and then came what I was hoping wouldn’t.  Him and the other coach started frantically talking and I think he made her second guess if I could get in.  I think everything’s going to be fine but they’re taking all of my information to admissions right now and I should know where I’m at within the week.  I think the worst news will be that I have to raise one of my test scores a bit but things are so far along that it won’t be news saying I can’t get in anymore.  I can’t believe I’ll know if I’m going to Columbia in a couple days!  Anyways, I totally had that feeling like in The Necklace of, “Oh my gosh I lost the necklace,” to, “Whew we bought a new one,” to, “Are you kidding me, it was worthless!”  As painful as those feelings are, it shows you have a conscience and care about things!


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