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Hills Like White Elephants September 26, 2012

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This piece of writing says a lot in few words.  It gives detailed descriptions of the setting and the conversation, but quickly changes from a happy memory, to an argument.  Both characters are pathetic in their own ways.  The man has uninentionally put a pressure over the girl and although he wants her to get an abortion, he demands that the decision is hers.  The girl though, like in so many stories, is the truly helpless one.  Women have always been below men and this is highlighted by the fact that she is called a girl, where as he is a man.  The fact that the baby is in her body makes it her responsability, and if she is to keep the baby, the man could leave her and she would not only be hurt emotionally/judged by other people, but she would have another life to care for.  The decision she has to make has no solution-she can get the abortion and lose what she most wanted, aside from the man, who she could also lose, as he could easily throw her aside, or she can keep the baby and almost certainly lose the man.  There seems to be a pattern where men lead women on, encourage them to be blinded by love, and then since they have no respect for the woman and because our society accepts it, toss the woman aside.  I sympathize with the girl, not only because I am also a girl, but in addition, I know how easily I could be in the same torn situation.


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