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The Scarlett Letter October 1, 2012

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I’ve started my independent quarter book and actually really like it!  I’m already so busy, so I went into it pretty unmotivated but it’s very readable.  I haven’t gotten that far but I do feel like the story could be told in a few pages(I feel that way about most books haha).  I feel like I’ve heard so many other stories built off this one and as a strong supporter of women, this book is a prime example of women’s inequality.  Movies like, Easy A, don’t help the idea of the book, as the main character flaunts and is proud of her behavior.  Hester Prynne, though she wears the bold, gold sewn letter, seems not quite proud, but not forgetful either of what she did.  Her story, during a certain time and place, serves as just one of thousands throughout history just like it.  Hester takes the hit of an affair, solely because she is stuck with the result-a baby.  Men can use and abuse women without consequences, where as women are almost always at fault.  They are seen as weak for falling for a man but if they hadn’t, they would be critisized for not idolizing and looking up to men.  Also in this situation, it is terrible that woman doesn’t stand up for woman.  What happened to Hester could have happened to any other woman in the community, but yet they are possibly more harsh than the men.  I have great respect for Hester because she is stuck in a horrible situation but remains cool and strong, knowing that anything she says will be used against her.


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