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Wonderful Fiction October 7, 2012

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I think you(Mrs. Glidden) have me more figured out then I understand myself!  I have said that I dislike poetry, that most stories could be told much briefer, and I’d like to major in Journalism but I don’t think I ever would have come to the conclusion that I don’t like fiction.  Now that you’ve figured that out for me, I need to make sure to put my feelings aside and be able to analyze fiction just as well as any other writing!  So, I kind of cringed when I read A Worn Path because it is pretty much all double meaning language.  After our class discussion though, it was neat to find all of the symbolism in the setting pop up.  I like the weekly essay assignments we have, not only because it’s getting me back into writing, but also because it forces me to focus on one area(characterization, POV, setting as symbolism) and really understand that piece of writing.  I like a challenge so I’m kind of excited to write about A Worn Path.  I like that we picked out some symbols in class so that I have a base to start but that there are also so many other symbols and interpretations still left.  I think the hardest part for me with fiction is that I read it like it’s any piece of writing and don’t look for any deeper meaning, because usually, I like the story line.  When we’re in a class discussion, I feel like I have a whole new piece of writing in my hands.  My problem is that I only catch onto meaningful things but don’t think any further-I knew the name Phoenix, her long journey, and the confusion with the nurses should put up a flag in my mind but I never would have thought of the possible meanings that the class came up with.  I think this talent comes naturally, but the class discussions are definitely helpful for me because the class points out what I’m missing in the story.


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