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Winning? October 15, 2012

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Anyone who is successful is somewhat crazy.  As perfect as everyone may seem, we all have our quirks.  The Rocking Horse Winner demonstrates this; where a toy from a childhood can turn into a symbol for a person growing ups serious problems.  Rocking horses are normal for ages around 8 and under and although Paul’s age is never specified, his age that is likely to be older than that makes the image even crazier.  A grown man on a rocking horse is outrageous and silly, but a boy just slightly too old, raises a flag and cautions the reader that something is wrong with him.  His fixation on luck and the correlation he believes it has with his horse drives him to insanity and ultimately, death.  The fact that everything he does is for or with someone, reveals that he has insecurities and doesn’t believe he can do things on his own.  I think this is in part due to a materialistic life; he’s constantly had to worry about money but yet his being spoiled and raised lavishly contradicts this.  He seems to have no real passion for horse racing or helping his mother but he feels it is his duty to bet on a certain horse.  This idea is proved in the fact that he bets even when he is unsure of the horse he’s betting on/knows it will lose.  The story is largely ironic; Paul and everyone/everything in his life are actually unlucky and constantly losing, despite the theme of luck and winning.


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