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The Crush of Reality November 4, 2012

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Unless I missed the class, since we never discussed Winter Dreams together, I wanted to do a blog on it.  Both are of course by F. Scott Fitzgerald but I was immediately struck by its similarity to The Great Gatsby.  There is the same immoral main character and flippant, materialistic girl and both have an on and off relation but are deeply selfish.  Anyway, I really like the title, for both its sound and meaning.  Winter Dreams sounds so peaceful; there is a trail by my house that I run on every weekend and when the snow rolls in, when I enter the trail and have a straight long viewpoint, the contrasting colors of the crisp white snow to the dark brown trees is beautiful.  This description couldn’t be more of a contrast to what Fitzgerald implies though.  Dexter comes from humble beginnings but now hides among the high class.  It is exhausting to always be out of your comfort zone, to be self conscious of how you look and everything you do.  I definitely understand that; I get worked up or nervous over the simplest, silliest things.  For instance, I hate standing up  in the middle of class to go to the bathroom or sharpen my pencil because I know, because I do it too, that many people are looking at me.  People have an idea of the type of person I am but I don’t think anyone could imagine that thinking that goes on in my head.  At home, I’m the complete opposite of who I am at school-relaxed, joking, completely comfortable.


Dexter does not accept his background; he is proud of his self made status but he understands that these people represent a world to which he does not truly belong.  It’s sad that despite his unhappiness, he will never move on and change into the person he could be/is meant to be.  The American Dream is a disappointment; wealth and social status take the place of strong connections with people, eliminating the possibility for happiness of emotional fulfillment.  I think what the title comes to represent is this understanding Dexter gains; unlike the spring, winter has a cold, dark, slow connotation.  The full realization of this unshakable feeling of not belonging is exhausting and much like a lazy winter day.  What he though was his bright, exciting American Dream is truly a Winter Dream, empty and unlikely to satisfactorily come true.


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