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Mansplaining December 3, 2012

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Being raised by a strong minded mother and growing up with 3 sisters has obviously biased me.  I wouldn’t call myself a feminist but I am definitely aware of a lot of sexism in the world. You know when you hear a word and you actually feel a wave of understanding rush over you, like you don’t even need to hear a definition of the word because it makes so much sense?  I have never heard of the word “mansplaining” but I just did and I underwent just that feeling.

Typically, I’m the type of person who is aware of something on a large scale but don’t recognize it in my own life.  I would say that I am fairly liberated, my day to day life is not restricted.  As such, I think I apply the broad ideas of sexism and repressiveness to myself, which only vaguely apply due to my age and place in society.  It is the smaller, more destructive things however, that are present in my life, that I overlook.  The subtle messages of “oh that’s ok, you tried your best” rather than “you can do it-I know you can” or the brushing off of my needs because they are considered feminine in nature (like speaking in a kind voice) or not getting called on in class because I am not “aggressive enough”.

Sexism is such a prevalent issue that I actually feel kind of bad for guys; I think the typical guy doesn’t do it on purpose or to hurt women.  Even still, when my mom told my family about mansplaining, my dad immediately started to explain to her that yes, he had read it and did she know the author was quite prolific…..blah, blah, blah.  I think I am in a good place where I am aware of this problem in the world but hold myself above this issue.  Something like mansplaining is very psychologically destructive but I just laugh to myself.  Like most things in life, I think it is best just to laugh and remain emotionally, mentally, physically detached.  Feminism and educating the world isn’t for everyone but there are certainly people out there getting it done so I think for me, simply recognizing how ridiculous this way of the world is and keeping it in the back of my mind as what I know is best.  There are the people that will advocate for a cause and the rest just need to support and participate.


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