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Connecticut Shooting December 22, 2012

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The shock and horror of the Connecticut shooting has been absorbed and now, it is time to analyze.  It seems that analyzing is our world’s way of handling difficult matters but nothing is ever really accomplished.  The reality is that those families and community will never be able to truly move on from the trauma.  But the majority of the people in the world will be able to put the tragedy into a neat little category.  When I heard about the event through other people, I felt so much dread and sadness for those 5 and 6 year olds.  But when I was listening to the news broadcast, I got angry and frustrated.  Why did people feel a need to reason and explain, find a “solution” and look to the future?  I think it is because they didn’t want silence, they needed something to talk about in the moment.  Silence would have been the best thing, what Newtown would’ve really appreciated.  Our world’s reaction to tough situations portrays how far we’ve dropped.  Everything moves so quickly, so efficient, and we can’t get bogged down in one instance.  I found myself at one point even thinking, why is this one case getting so much attention, there have been so many other tragic shootings?  I truly believe that the world runs on love-it leads people to work towards something, have other people to live for, and to work together.  Newscasters show no emotion, they are even so heartless as to talk about a christmas jazz concert immediately after relaying the news about the shooting.  I think everyone in a way has a post traumatic stress disorder, one that they are scared by and don’t want to acknowledge because they feel that they shouldn’t really have an emotional connection to something that happened half way across the world.  While I recognize the need to maintain composure and be neutral in their reporting, I feel the news media does the victims and the public a disservice by coldly presenting the facts of events that are so tragic and catastrophic as this.


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