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Magazine News Breifs December 23, 2012

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Increase in Homemade Desserts

Many people’s New Year’s resolution consists of some form of weight loss and maybe now that is possible with the closing of the Hostess Factory.  The vanilla cake block filled with a matching frosting has been around since the 1930s, until there were labor strikes and the Hostess Brand owner went bankrupt.  While many people joke about stocking up on the treat itself, more importantly, up to 18,500 people have lost jobs.  “QUOTE“  There is already a low demand for jobs and the impact will be detrimental, not just to our stomachs.

Redefinition of Marriage

Whether people like it or not, our state, country, and world is growing increasingly liberal.  In addition to re-electing our African American president, another reflection of this is seen in the legalizing of gay marriage.  On December 29th, same sex couples will be able to marry in Maine.  Maine is one of 9 states to start this revolutionary movement (also including all of New England except Rhode Island, Iowa, Maryland, New York, and Washington).  What it means to the people who are really affected is almost beyond words.  __ shares, “QUOTE”  What may seem like the greatest victory or the biggest mistake right now will soon be just the-way-things-are but for those who have now been given equal rights to marry will be forever thankful.


The recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is tragic but sadly not uncommon.  Too many times innocent people have lost their lives to a crazed shooter, but this one touched more people as its targets were children ages 6 and 7.  December 14, 2012 will forever be remembered as the day that 20 kids were gunned down and school children all around the world will never forget.  Mackenzie Tilley offers, “It could’ve happened anywhere and it makes me feel so much more thankful for the life that I have.”  People will try to look to the future and find solutions or prevention but what is more important is that we never forget, are thankful for what we have, and continually care and love for one another.

Also, I’m about half way through the Great Gatsby and now I remember how much I dislike it.  There are books about average people, those we can relate to, and there may be no real point or deeper meaning to the story but the reader is left satisfied.  I’m excited to hear what the class has to say because books like these feel so unrealistic and pointless.  Maybe the point really is just to acknowledge a certain time period and lifestyle but either way, it is difficult to latch on to.


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