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Les Miserables December 27, 2012

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So this has definitely been the vacation of movies, which is good since I’m only allowed to watch tv on weekend nights and hardly even do that with all of my work.  Anyways, I had the perfect “Jewish Christmas” where I went to Les Miserable’s opening night and ateChinese food!  My family can be pretty harsh critics, especially with a piece we’ve seen so many times, including on Broadway but we were pretty blown away.  A movie can really capture so much more and in such a different way.  The theatre is raw and simple and very powerful but a lot must be left out.  For instance, real battles cannot be displayed and sexual scenes are very brief/clean.  One example in Les Mis that struck me in this way was when Jean Valjean saves Marius and they are in the drainage pipes-I kind of understood that while watching the play but the movie made it quite real and clearly dramatic.

When I take a step back though, I think it is really wrong that the two can be so different because they really shouldn’t be.  Movies have become a portal for more drama and masking reality, whether that means sex or violence.  Teens now feel an emotional detachment and nonchalance about murder and sex and are rarely horrified by the consequences or reality.Many movies glorify these moments and make it seem so plausible that our society is pretty brain washed.  I am glad I have seen the play version of Les Mis so that I can distinguish the difference more easily.  It is a shame more kids do not see acted out drama/comedy  because I think they would then see how it is just mimicking real life and that it is not actually real life.

Ultimately,  I do think the movie version of Les Miserables really worked because it portrayed everything accurately.  There is very little happiness and there is nothing covering up real life.  The story doesn’t have that complete fairytale ending and there are a lot of heart wrenching scenes, making it feel like real life and part of French  history. The acting was terrific and going along with what I said above, even the music was sung naturally(recorded live).  I would still say I’d prefer the live musical(especially TA’s!) but like anything in life, I think it’s great to see things from multiple perspectives and in different ways.


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