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Guinea Pig Lovin December 31, 2012

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People have many ways to unwind, hidden guilty pleasures, and collections.  Mine happens to be guinea pigs.  I’ve always had a thing for small creatures but my love for guinea pigs especially, became apparent as they remained in my life into my teen years and grew in numbers.  For my 17th birthday, I bought 2 guinea pigs, in addition to Laverne.  This brings me to the names-all were pre-named from the shelter but the names fit perfectly-Laverne is a unique name, like the guinea pig, who doesn’t look like the typical species, Larry is a fat doofus, and acorn is spastic and simple minded(usually focused on one thing…FOOD!).  So I think it’s weird enough that I have 3 guinea pigs, along with the 23 other animals, but I can’t get over how cute their faces/personalities are and I wish I could bring them to college.  I kind of get carried away when I talk about them and as you can imagine, the teens and adults that I am around now have a hard time connecting with me on an animal like this.  On the other hand, I possibly want to work with children when I am older and it is really neat to see kids open up with another unthreatening life/presence in the room.  Guinea pigs definitely ease away tension because they make you laugh.  Anyways, I spend most Friday or Saturday nights holding and feeding them carrots with my family.  I joke about their intelligence, how they feng shui with their food bowl, plastic house, and hay and how they really love me but I know there isn’t that much going on in their heads.  I think simple pets are great though, because they can mean as much or as little to you as you want but yet they are still living happy lies.  Sometimes it feels like larger animals like dogs know all of my secrets and my dog Daisy judges me.  But don’t these look like the best companions?!

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