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New Year’s Resolution January 3, 2013

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Let’s be serious, who actually attains their New Year’s resolution.  Maybe those people who challenge themselves to the impossible are the smart ones here because in doing so, they don’t have to start anywhere or feel any guilt because after all, they challenged themselves and isn’t that what promises to oneself are all about?  But seriously, I decided to make myself do something that is difficult yet realistic, different yet relevant.  I want my college years to be the best of my life and for me to be able to experience them to the fullest.  In order to do so, I feel that I need to get some of my minor insecurities, especially socially, out of the way.  My goal is to push myself out of my comfort zone.  This means…

-To reach out to other people, show interest in other people’s matters

-Get more comfortable talking to guys

-Force myself to bridge an awkward silence(sometimes I have something I could say but I just don’t feel like saying it)

-Get out(not that I’ll have time to go out every night in college but getting the motivation to hang out with people because outside of clubs is where bonds really happen)

Goals aren’t supposed to be fun or easy but I’m thinking it would be a big reward next year and I’d be really proud of myself in the end.  Most people’s goals are weight loss or relationship related but I don’t really think those are thoughtful or all that personal.  I think mine is perfect for me because it is important/will pay off now, but also for future.  I’ll be working on myself for the present, which will be important for the rest of my life.


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