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Growing Up in Maine January 4, 2013

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I’ve always had a get-through-this kind of attitude and that is definitely true in how I’ve thought of growing up in Maine.  I like fast paces, efficiency, and organization and Maine feels just about as opposite to that as possible.  It is mellow and a hodge podge of people and scenery.  I also like having so many unique opportunities in an urban or suburban community, with people around you that you could strike up a conversation or find a connection with almost anyone.  In Maine, you pretty much know everyone in your little world and if you aren’t from that town, people don’t want to talk to you. My family and I have had so many impacting interactions while in large cities-one that really stands out is the time when I was at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC, getting my makeup done by a Burberry worker who, not that ironically was Jewish, but preached to us about many of her thoughts about children and what the right manners and morals were. It was so cool to find someone, out of the blue, who had the same beliefs.   Maine is a really cool state-the first to pass gay marriage by popular vote, undeveloped land/cleaner environment, and low crime rate.  Every state has its weaknesses I know, but I have a hard time with what I feel is the greatest drawback of living here-the very low level, ignorant people of Maine.  I feel like Maine is dominated by men who are sexist, racist, homophobic, unintelligent(maybe didn’t even graduate from high school, nonetheless college).  What is really scary to me is that the people who balance out the bad parts usually leave for good.  It is great when kids with bright futures take off to make it somewhere else but whether they are or aren’t successful, they don’t usually come back to live here.  So I am one of those people who will go on to college and I hope to live in the city(as unrealistic as that is) but no matter what, I will fight to not live in Maine.  I guess I believe that whatever is meant to be or is right for me will work out/happen.

P.S…..The driving is probably the worst part of Maine, people are ridiculous!  They drive super slow when there is no reason to and then the second there is some sort of a storm, people start making crazy dangerous moves! GAH


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