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The Owl Eyed Man January 8, 2013

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I agreed with everything people said in class and thought it was really interesting and insightful but more importantly, I think of the Owl Eyed Man as serving as a guide for the reader now.  My first inclination is to harshly judge Gatsby and group him with the 20’s society that surrounds him.  The OEM reminds us that Nick is a biased narrator and Gatsby may have been different from his peers.  He is a learned person in this false, materialistic world-he has seen various examples of fraudulence and his reaction toward Gatsby’s contrasting ways shows we may have misjudged Gatsby.   He displays genuine shock when Gatsby defies his biases-and he sees Gatsby’s authentic books.  He is in awe of Gatsby, even admires his way of standing out in such a cruel world and sympathizes for him in the end.  I think these ideas support what Aaron was saying about the connection between the Owl Eyed Man and Dr T.J. Eckleburg and G-d.  Some people see G-d as a puppet master, always with control over each individual’s thoughts and actions.  However, I agree that he is more of a passenger, a wallflower, an overseer.  If this is true, there is a clear connection between symbols.  He is a man of emotions and thoughts, not actions, just like God who watches and judges.

It is incredible how complex a book can become once analyzed.  Characters that first seemed insignificant can hold a bigger and deeper meaning or can turn the story in a  whole different direction that makes the book blossom once discovered.  I’m really glad I read this book again because I actually see value in reading it now.  I still dislike the story and the characters but I now notice the creativity/craft in it and I have a deeper respect and interest in Fitzgerald.


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