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ZZZzzzzz January 14, 2013

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All my life, I never thought it was that weird that I got 8-9 hours of sleep every night, despite the sneers and jibes I receibed from my friends.  Also, the fact that I go to bed at 8 most nights, because after all, it can take me an hour or two to fall asleep.  My peers always talk about doing so much on school nights and it makes sense if they start thinking about going to sleep between 10 and 12.  Although they may wind up getting close to as much sleep as me because they are exhausted and fall right to sleep, I habe always heard that it is the hours before midnight that are critical.  You’re supposed to hit a deep sleep between 10 and 2 and missing those hours knocks you way off and it can take days to make up those few hours of missed sleep.  I think these people think that sleeping until 11 am on the weekends makes up for their messy school night sleep patterns but I actually think this adds to their self destruction.  As much as I hate waking up at 6 am, I feel like I can get through the day and have a clear mind and body.  The other kids who get 6 hours of sleep are the ones passed out on their desks; they might as well not come to school because they are completely unpresent.  Teens are supposed to get 8 1/2 to 9 hours of sleep every night and I have friends that get 4!  Although it takes me a long time to fall asleep and I just wind up getting the bare minimum of what I should, I couldn’t imagine getting less because by the end of the day, I’m exhausted.  With such a busy life right now, I love the time I give myself to just think calmly for a while and then rest for a significant time.  I’m really glad I’ve had this habit too because it will be a great model for next year.  I think people think that college is about staying up late every night, whether it is for academics or partying but either way, this is not reality.  My sisters are on Div 1 teams at challenging colleges and they usually get to bed no later than 10, plus they get to sleep in.  Now that I think about it, college is going to be great for sleep!


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