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Dream Job January 24, 2013

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I recently put my finger on what I’d like to do when I’m older (at least I think this is what I want to do-hey, I am only 17!).  I just can’t deny the love and fascination that I have had for animals my whole life.  I’ve tried to enlighten myself to the realities of the world, how cruel and hypocritical we are, and gain an appreciation of what life is like for many different people and for animals.  Through my efforts, I have looked into PETA and other animal rights organizations. What PETA produces is truly horrifying.  I understand that they want to show the cold hard facts and stun people into facing reality and actually feeling a need to change but the videos that they post are extremely disturbing.  Sometimes it feels like PETA is just trying to put out shocking videos and images.  I know that is not their intention but I think their approach is too radical.  This is where I got the idea that I’d like to go into this area-graphic design and the media but try to focus on the animal rights perspective.

Although I never knew it, ironically, my original interests are starting to formulate into a possible career.  I was previously thinking of studying psychology or journalism but I realized that a decent understanding of both of these, combined with some exposure to public policy and animal issues and a Columbia degree would set me up really well.  I’m aware that it is difficult to get to your dream job.  Especially in a field as “out there” and unstable as this-I would need to be able to pay my bills I know!  So my ultimate plan is to use my knowledge from my independent study of AP Psychology from high school, major/minor in Journalism and some type of animal related minor such as ethics, wildlife biology, public relations, or marketing.  I’ve always wanted to go into a job that would be rewarding and that would make me feel like I was really doing something and I think my tentative plan would be incredible.


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