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Reoccuring Gatsby January 25, 2013

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I was at first surprised at how long we were spending on the Great Gatsby in class but now I see why-because it is so relevant!  The phenomenon of learning or seeing something and then finding it or connections everywhere is happening to me!  I feel like I can connect pretty much anything to the story.  For my quarter book I read Hedda Gabbler and I immediately connected the influence that her society has on her, just like it did on Gatsby.  Both characters were ahead of their time-Gatsby embodying the American Dream that didn’t exist at the time the novel was written and Hedda as a narcissistic, secretive, complaining of the ties of marriage type of woman.  In another yet different example, the pattern of lying observed in Gatsby and now in society is incredible.  Jimmy Kimmel did an inauguration spoof where he asked people on the streets what they thought about the inauguration before it even happened.  People didn’t even think to show the truth, that they were confused, and even went as far as to say that some certain something was their favorite part.  By lying to not seem stupid, they prove just how ignorant they are.  In a less overt way, the society in the Great Gatsby acts similarly.  Gatsby fills in parts of his past, Tom and Daisy lie to each other about their affairs, Nick isn’t completely honest about his life in the West.  All that lying does is to reveal who someone really is and eventually it catches up with you.


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