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How to be respectful when disrespected January 29, 2013

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I can’t believe that this is happening again!  I feel like I just blogged about the hard decision I had to make for racing at Dartmouth and here I am again.  My distance coach and I have set up a plan for the season and all along, everyone knew that I planned on racing the 1 mile and 800 at Southwesterns.  Yet again, my head coach is solely focused on the team result, not the individual.  She signed me up for the 1 mile, 800, 2 mile, and sprint medley-racing 4 miles.  She is claiming that I need to do this for the team.  My immediate reaction was to laugh, the situation is just so silly!  As I thought about it more though, I can’t believe how disrespectful this is to me.  I have worked so hard, scored so many points for the team all season, sacrificed myself in previous Southwesterns and States and she thinks I’m being a brat.  Clearly at Dartmouth I made the right decision.  I ran fast for myself and to represent our school and even if I had stayed at the home meet, we still wouldn’t have won.  It’s just frustrating that she can’t  look at the bigger picture-that it is taxing to race that much, destructive mentally to run a 2 mile just to run it(I want to be competitive), and that I still have a long season ahead of me where I want to peak.  In the end, I know she makes the decision and I’ll have to be respectful but I know in my mind I’m going to sabotage the 2 mile if I’m forced to do it.  I think I will be so blown away and hopefully not let it ruin the important races but I’ve already started talking with my distance coach about dropping out.  It’s hard as a kid to talk to an adult that you know is wrong- I know what I’m talking about, I know my body, I know what I can handle, what is right and I really hope she lets me fight for what I believe in and it isn’t just a closed case.


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