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Miss vs Bliss February 23, 2013

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So I’ve decided to create a list of things (mostly silly) that I will and won’t miss once I head to college.  I’m actually surprised with the heavier “miss” list!

Won’t miss…

-Maine driving, “I can’t you drive any faster”, Oh no you don’t-don’t cut me off when there’s no one behind me and you can wait to come onto the road”!

-Hunting, ATCs, snowmobiles, ice fishing-pretty much all the things people do in rural areas

-High school- the nasty popularity contest is over!

-Power outages, aside from a hurricane, I won’t lose power just because of a little wind

-The outfit of skinny jeans, North Face jacket, and Uggs

-Having to watch every big event on tv, maybe now I can go to the real thing(my goal is SNL)

-Maine accents, although NY isn’t much better

-The ignorance, lack of worldliness, anti gay


-My guinea pigs for the mindless laughs they give me

-My small town Alfred with the most liberal, eager people

-The scenery, skyscrapers and city construction is vastly different from the quaint towns and forests by the roadside

-My family of course, to have people I feel genuinely comfortable around

-Recognizing people and roads

-The lack of cross walks, cool to walk anywhere in the city but open roads are also awesome

-Feeling like a big fish

-Seeing the sky at night and not hearing any traffic noises while I sleep

-The better sense of safety, I now will have to wear a cross body purse and always walk/run with someone on the streets

-My distance coach who has figured out exactly what works for me, although I think everything will be great, I have to start all over again with a new set of coaches

-Going to sleep at 8pm- probably not realistic for college


Individuality February 21, 2013

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While we read Atonement, I, like many in the class got a bad taste in my mouth whenever I read about Briony or from her perspective.  One thing I did catch on to though was the part where she questions if everyone was “as alive as her”.  I wouldn’t consider myself a self centered person but i have definitely had those thoughts.  My version is more in an importance or perception kind of way.  When I was younger, I wondered if someone in the world could actually be nearly identical to me, whether it was appearance, clothing, anything.  Now I wonder more about feelings and thoughts-does anyone out there think this way? My sister is taking a class titled On Being at Brown right now and I guess it is the exploration of self and the theories about how much of it are cognitive, how much is psychological, how much is meta-cognitive. I can’t say I really understand all of that even but in my version of it, I wonder how people view themselves, how they come up with their thoughts, how they relate to others.


Being extremely shy and self conscious has many drawbacks but one of the few advantages is that I observe a lot of human behavior. If how people act is a manifestation of how they view themselves, I am not sure many people spend a lot of time in self reflection. I don’t want to be judgmental (well, yes I do, but I have to guard myself against it) but it seems to me that the guiding sense of self is to satisfy ones needs-and to do that so constantly and so brazenly that no one else matters.  The examples I see of this range from the high level-talking over someone, not listening to others when they are talking directly to you, making statements that are undermining or backhanded (“oh, you got into Columbia because you are an athlete?”), talking about yourself incessantly to the low level-eating yourself to obesity, swearing, violence, disrespect of authority….actually the list could go on and on.  I guess some might argue that people in our society have tough lives, that their childhoods have been difficult and I suppose, a lot of what is wrong with people is related to societal woes.  But what I wonder is whether this degradation will ever stop-will it get turned around and if not, what type of anthropological changes we might see-and whether then classes like Lauren’s might occur in the social anthropology department rather than the psychology department.


Valentine’s Day February 14, 2013

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I’m usually ok with being alone, being single, but Valentine’s Day definitely highlights my singleness.  I haven’t had a boyfriend since 7th grade and honestly, I think that is a good thing since any relationship at this point in my life wouldn’t be very serious or amount to all that much.  Still, I like the idea of having a very different relationship from any others in my life.  I can only love my family and friends so much, but a boyfriend is someone to love in a different way.  It is hard to be totally secure about being single too!  Romance and couples are shoved in my face at every angle, whether it is in the media or two kids making out beside me in the hallway.  Valentine’s Day is another example-I think I was the only one in school today not getting roses, candy, or kisses :(.  All I could think of today was the picture the daughter shows her dad in Horton Hears A Who of her being the only one in class without a phone.  Now that I think about it, maybe this is part of the problem!  Quoting a kid’s movie probably says something about where I’m at.  In all seriousness, I do think innocence and inexperience can be a good thing.  I’ll have plenty of time later in life to have a romantic life but I think now is a critical time to focus on the foundation.  Hopefully I won’t get taken advantage of in college but instead I will be a refreshing, unique girl that will attract the right kind of guys.

And on an academic note, I’m really enjoying reading the literary criticism for Atonement.  I find it very understandable and informative in that they aren’t saying anything that out there but yet for someone like me who has a hard time thinking outside of the box and seeing a bigger picture, it’s really helpful.  A lot of what is stated we have discussed in class and it’s neat to be able to make connections or recognize elements.  I’ll save specific observations for my essay!


Women’s Liberation February 13, 2013

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I recently had to find an article in Environmental Science on whether women are liberated today or not.  At first, what I found started to convince me that we really have come a long way and pretty much reached liberation but when I take a step back, that is just me trying to read the situation as positively as possible.  Women pretty much started from 0 in equality and I would say today we are about 50% there.  The world has become a more possible, able place but the key part in women’s inequality is men.  I believe there will always be a strong population of men who see women only as objects beneath them and will refuse to truly allow women into society/the world.  This particular article I thought was really interesting because it shows how literally everyone would benefit from women’s raised status.  That is so the way with men-they get so set on one way that they blind their eyes and ears to anything that might contradict them.  But this piece outright says that the world will be performing below its true potential until women are given the same opportunities that men are.  Other large global humanitarian issues such as poverty, unemployment, population growth, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and violence are all intertwined with the gender equality issue.  It dumbfounds me that with that out, even for selfish reasons, everyone wouldn’t jump out immediately and strive for change.  Women have the greatest influence over their children but sadly, most women either don’t realize their situation or think it is hopeless and generation after generation begins by getting stereotypes forced into their heads, male or female, and the pattern remains.  On a side note, I thought this statistic captured women’s inequality perfectly-Women in Africa represent 52% of the total population, contribute approximately 75% of the agricultural work, and produce 60-80% of the food, yet they earn only 10% of African incomes.  Women’s inequality is complex-it is not like global warming where we have distinct problems and solutions but yet it is much like slavery and racial issues where the issue itself would be easy to fix.  Like anything, we need to prioritize it, get everyone on board, and actually work towards it.  A lot of information is given but we see very few campaigns to make a difference.  In the end, the issue won’t completely disappear, just like there is still a lot of racism, but we need to make it unacceptable in society to repress women and we will see our world is a much different place, one where large scale issues are solved as stated in the article.


#11 and # 13 February 10, 2013

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Lola is the typical pre teen.  It seems like they have all negative motives but it is almost uncontrollable and just of part of their development.  It is literally an emotional and mental roller coaster and so Lola has moments of vulnerability and then the next minute can be spiteful and full of malice.  Pre teens feel the most empowered in nonthreatening environments; everything changes once they are  in a truly dangerous situation.  When Lola uses her brothers as a scapegoat for Marshall’s attack, she is surprisingly strong and mature because she has survived the encounter.  The event in the woods, however,  is on a different level.  She allows for Briony to take over in the woods because her wall has finally fallen.  She has been shown the real, ugly world too quickly and her child instincts take over.  The situation is too great to handle alone and she lets someone else take some of the impact and mother her.  In this sense, I think Lola serves to bring out the best and worst qualities in Briony.  She puts false ideas in Briony’s head and encourages her to act on these but also leads Briony to care for another and have someone to protect.

Leon and Robbie are in similar positions, however, the way they handle it is based upon their actions.  Both are somewhat outsiders in the Tallis household, trying their best to keep relations with certain people in it.  Robbie yearns just for Cecelia but is respectful to the family as a whole.  He acknowledges that he is an outsider and works that much harder to work his way in.  Leon thinks that just by being home he is doing his duty.  A character with determination and true motives is much more desirable than one who thinks his privileged life carries over in effortless relationships.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that this distinguishes Robbie as a tragic hero, but more like a tragic character in general.  His life is so sad.  He works for an upper class family who have created many opportunities for him which he is determined to pay back.  They forget everything the moment he is accused of the rape and turn a blind eye, letting his life be ruined.  The Tallis family would have backed Leon no matter what, simply because he is a part of the family and similarly, Marshall is not given a second thought because he is also a member of the high society.  It is ironic that arguably the best character in the story is dealt the worst fate.  But I think that is true in all of life-character is built through adversity-just wish Robbie could have lived long enough to see that happen.


#7 and #8 February 8, 2013

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Paul Marshall is a complete creep.  His physical appearance, with his thick mustache and curly hair, create an ugly and smarmy image.  However, his words and actions are far worse.  He has no awareness of the effect he has on others or any self restraint.  At the tense dinner scene (around page 180), he rudely brings up the war, where it is improper to begin a conversation when Emily is not present.  When he quickly finds that seducing Cecelia is unrealistic, he moves on to Lola, a 15 year old.  That they meet in a nursery is important-Lola is on the verge of adulthood and his questions are far too forward and inappropriate.  His actions are horrific in this key scene-he rapes Lola, which is terrible in itself, but even worse, he lets Robbie be falsely accused, which in turn ruins the lives of him, Cecelia, and Briony.

Leon is in many ways the polar opposite of Paul Marshall but he actually does still show some similar qualities.  Leon is blissfully ignorant, he means well but his overly positive attitude is a bit much.  In a very different way, this likens him to Paul, as they both are determined not to face reality or acknowledge any consequences of anything.  Leon does bring out the best in his peers though.  He brings true joy to his mother, Briony, and Cecelia.  Because of his positive and innocent manner, many people kind of use him for a distraction or barrier from one another.  After Briony has read Robbie’s note to Cecelia and then hands it to her, she engulfs herself in her brother, ignoring any questions from Cecelia.  Also, Cecelia is mostly bored and wanders around the house all day but instead is able to spend time with Leon.  She is able to use him as a barrier from Paul by the pool and after Briony sees Cecelia and Robbie in the library, Leon and Cecelia pair up to search for the twins, allowing for Cecelia to escape a tense situation.  Overall, Leon is a positive character, bringing out the happiest side in his family but not adding to the story line or creating new events.


SINGLE February 4, 2013

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At first I was really positive about living in a double next year but then I thought about the realities of constantly living with someone and how so many people have had bad experiences.  I know that it is impossible to do everything alone but I definitely like/benefit from as much independent/alone time  as possible.  College is a giant  group-interacting-experience and I think it is reasonable to want my place(my room) to be my place.  I was so surprised and pleased to see that the majority of freshmen dorm in a single and get it if they want it.  I think it makes sense-college in general is a big adjustment and it is important to have some places where you can actually relax-not having to care what you look like, sound like, and can be the one “quiet” place to concentrate, even if the walls are thin!  Once I get through freshman year, I think then I will know who I feel comfortable with and actually know and will then feel ready to room with another person.  First year housing is so pretty too!

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I feel like college is one of the few things that actually lives up to its expectations.  I have anticipated this for quite a while now and based on people saying that it is the best four years of their life, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.  I don’t expect everything to be perfect and exactly as I imagined but I think I’ll love that everything is at much higher standards and as different from high school as possible.