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SINGLE February 4, 2013

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At first I was really positive about living in a double next year but then I thought about the realities of constantly living with someone and how so many people have had bad experiences.  I know that it is impossible to do everything alone but I definitely like/benefit from as much independent/alone time  as possible.  College is a giant  group-interacting-experience and I think it is reasonable to want my place(my room) to be my place.  I was so surprised and pleased to see that the majority of freshmen dorm in a single and get it if they want it.  I think it makes sense-college in general is a big adjustment and it is important to have some places where you can actually relax-not having to care what you look like, sound like, and can be the one “quiet” place to concentrate, even if the walls are thin!  Once I get through freshman year, I think then I will know who I feel comfortable with and actually know and will then feel ready to room with another person.  First year housing is so pretty too!

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I feel like college is one of the few things that actually lives up to its expectations.  I have anticipated this for quite a while now and based on people saying that it is the best four years of their life, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.  I don’t expect everything to be perfect and exactly as I imagined but I think I’ll love that everything is at much higher standards and as different from high school as possible.


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