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Women’s Liberation February 13, 2013

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I recently had to find an article in Environmental Science on whether women are liberated today or not.  At first, what I found started to convince me that we really have come a long way and pretty much reached liberation but when I take a step back, that is just me trying to read the situation as positively as possible.  Women pretty much started from 0 in equality and I would say today we are about 50% there.  The world has become a more possible, able place but the key part in women’s inequality is men.  I believe there will always be a strong population of men who see women only as objects beneath them and will refuse to truly allow women into society/the world.  This particular article I thought was really interesting because it shows how literally everyone would benefit from women’s raised status.  That is so the way with men-they get so set on one way that they blind their eyes and ears to anything that might contradict them.  But this piece outright says that the world will be performing below its true potential until women are given the same opportunities that men are.  Other large global humanitarian issues such as poverty, unemployment, population growth, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and violence are all intertwined with the gender equality issue.  It dumbfounds me that with that out, even for selfish reasons, everyone wouldn’t jump out immediately and strive for change.  Women have the greatest influence over their children but sadly, most women either don’t realize their situation or think it is hopeless and generation after generation begins by getting stereotypes forced into their heads, male or female, and the pattern remains.  On a side note, I thought this statistic captured women’s inequality perfectly-Women in Africa represent 52% of the total population, contribute approximately 75% of the agricultural work, and produce 60-80% of the food, yet they earn only 10% of African incomes.  Women’s inequality is complex-it is not like global warming where we have distinct problems and solutions but yet it is much like slavery and racial issues where the issue itself would be easy to fix.  Like anything, we need to prioritize it, get everyone on board, and actually work towards it.  A lot of information is given but we see very few campaigns to make a difference.  In the end, the issue won’t completely disappear, just like there is still a lot of racism, but we need to make it unacceptable in society to repress women and we will see our world is a much different place, one where large scale issues are solved as stated in the article.


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