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Valentine’s Day February 14, 2013

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I’m usually ok with being alone, being single, but Valentine’s Day definitely highlights my singleness.  I haven’t had a boyfriend since 7th grade and honestly, I think that is a good thing since any relationship at this point in my life wouldn’t be very serious or amount to all that much.  Still, I like the idea of having a very different relationship from any others in my life.  I can only love my family and friends so much, but a boyfriend is someone to love in a different way.  It is hard to be totally secure about being single too!  Romance and couples are shoved in my face at every angle, whether it is in the media or two kids making out beside me in the hallway.  Valentine’s Day is another example-I think I was the only one in school today not getting roses, candy, or kisses :(.  All I could think of today was the picture the daughter shows her dad in Horton Hears A Who of her being the only one in class without a phone.  Now that I think about it, maybe this is part of the problem!  Quoting a kid’s movie probably says something about where I’m at.  In all seriousness, I do think innocence and inexperience can be a good thing.  I’ll have plenty of time later in life to have a romantic life but I think now is a critical time to focus on the foundation.  Hopefully I won’t get taken advantage of in college but instead I will be a refreshing, unique girl that will attract the right kind of guys.

And on an academic note, I’m really enjoying reading the literary criticism for Atonement.  I find it very understandable and informative in that they aren’t saying anything that out there but yet for someone like me who has a hard time thinking outside of the box and seeing a bigger picture, it’s really helpful.  A lot of what is stated we have discussed in class and it’s neat to be able to make connections or recognize elements.  I’ll save specific observations for my essay!


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