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Miss vs Bliss February 23, 2013

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So I’ve decided to create a list of things (mostly silly) that I will and won’t miss once I head to college.  I’m actually surprised with the heavier “miss” list!

Won’t miss…

-Maine driving, “I can’t you drive any faster”, Oh no you don’t-don’t cut me off when there’s no one behind me and you can wait to come onto the road”!

-Hunting, ATCs, snowmobiles, ice fishing-pretty much all the things people do in rural areas

-High school- the nasty popularity contest is over!

-Power outages, aside from a hurricane, I won’t lose power just because of a little wind

-The outfit of skinny jeans, North Face jacket, and Uggs

-Having to watch every big event on tv, maybe now I can go to the real thing(my goal is SNL)

-Maine accents, although NY isn’t much better

-The ignorance, lack of worldliness, anti gay


-My guinea pigs for the mindless laughs they give me

-My small town Alfred with the most liberal, eager people

-The scenery, skyscrapers and city construction is vastly different from the quaint towns and forests by the roadside

-My family of course, to have people I feel genuinely comfortable around

-Recognizing people and roads

-The lack of cross walks, cool to walk anywhere in the city but open roads are also awesome

-Feeling like a big fish

-Seeing the sky at night and not hearing any traffic noises while I sleep

-The better sense of safety, I now will have to wear a cross body purse and always walk/run with someone on the streets

-My distance coach who has figured out exactly what works for me, although I think everything will be great, I have to start all over again with a new set of coaches

-Going to sleep at 8pm- probably not realistic for college


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