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Act 1-#3 March 1, 2013

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The people who should feel most guilty, try their hardest to ignore their conscience.  This is true on the flip side too; the people who should feel happiest or most confident usually try to take the attention away from them.  These two situations exemplify the fact that the majority of people feel uncomfortable under the spotlight.  With the insistence from his wife, Macbeth tries to follow her light heartedness at murder.  He appears to have a much harder time than her.  She appears cool and clear thinking and he frets.  Really, both of their endings display the problems with ignoring reality and one’s true feelings.  Using words like murder and kill define Macbeth’s crime and he therefore avoids them in order to avoid feelings of guilt.  Although Macbeth had fought in battles, it was his first time killing with such personal meaning.  In other words, he is a wreck!  His case doesn’t improve with the conflicting words of his wife and her harassment.  Later, as he locks himself down the path of a criminal, he is still suspicious of other people, but he now has survived his first murder and has the experience to do it again.  Thus begins the unraveling of Macbeth’s mind.


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