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Act 1-#4 March 2, 2013

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Lady Macbeth is evil, not admirable but she does achieve the desired affect.  She says exactly what she knows will convince Macbeth to act.  She accuses him of not being a man(your hand, your tongue: look like th’ innocent flower) and assures him that they will not fail.  Macbeth was teetering on his decision to or not to do it and the heavy words of Lady Macbeth were more than enough to blow him onto the side of evil and keep him there.  Her words are so powerful that they remain with Macbeth through the rest of his short life, influencing him to kill Banquo and begin a war.

The idea that Lady Macbeth wants to be a man holds true here, where she does not speak softly or sweetly, but rather with rough, accusing words.  Everyone uses some form of manipulation to get what they want but in my tone, I am the complete opposite of Lady Macbeth.  I would be polite, careful not to offend, giving reasoning or what the result will be.  Overall, I talk about myself, not the person I’m asking from.  Lady Macbeth touches Macbeth’s deepest insecurities and commands him to just do it.  Because she gets such a hold on him, she doesn’t really need to give profound reasoning, he simply must do it.  From a feminist perspective, I think it is interesting that the roles/personalities switch between the wife and husband but the sexism remains, as the blame for the whole play can be placed on her and she is portrayed as the bad guy.


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