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Act 4-#12 March 6, 2013

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I’m only 17 so I’m sure I’ll have much more profound examples when I am older but in my  short life, I have had to make difficult decisions and play various roles.   In terms of roles and who I am at different places, that would be broken down between being in public and being at home.  This isn’t necessarily a negative thing such as it is in Macbeth, because in the play, many of the characters have split personalities and this causes mayhem.  My personality at home is vastly different from when I am at school but I like to think this is adaptive.  At home, I am the child, taken care of.  I feel genuinely comfortable to be myself and do what I want.  In school though, I must be assertive, looking out for myself, and have one focus on school, whereas at home, I wear many different hats.  Home is where I can talk to my parents, who usually share the same opinion with me or give me advice that I can trust.  School is where I have been in tense situations, where I have had to stick up for myself and what I know was right, sometimes against adults.  My experience with various roles hasn’t been as bad as I know some people’s are.  Parent’s versions are much harder, where they have to play a role at work and then come home to play the role of a parent, while keeping up a good spirit.  In Macbeth, characters don’t play their roles in designated places but instead make the whole kingdom a battlefield.  Macbeth’s household becomes a place of chaos, deceit, superstition.  Most of the characters are or have been soldiers and this continues in every part of their lives.  Macbeth’s role in the Scottish army is the same when he is named Thane of Cawdor and king, he ignores his conscience to get through this style of living, which clearly does not work.  I think this proves that everyone needs various roles for specific places for a healthy life.


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