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Act 4-# 14 March 6, 2013

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Manhood in Macbeth meant all that defines a military man-little emotion, tough, self control, using brute force to get what one want.  To be a man today is much more complex and I think in a real state of chaos. Traditional values and definitions are still held by conservatives and the older generations, who still support racism, sexism, male dominance.  But a new generation of men have emerged where they know it is ok to have feelings, respect women, value equal rights, are liberal… These are somewhat polar opposites and I think most men fall somewhere in the middle, not knowing which way to go and not having many role models. Obviously these two types of men don’t blend well, so the “less tough” men have been forced into hiding in a way until the past couple of years(gay marriage issues have encouraged acceptance of not just gays, but also straight, effeminate men).  Ironically I think, men in Macbeth’s time were more image focused, conscious of how they and their actions appeared (not wanting to be accused of not being masculine), whereas today, men live their lives, of course with the factors of image, but are judged based off their accomplishments, opinions, standpoints.  Leaning towards the more effeminate man, I think a blend of these two men would be ideal.  Men have pride and strength but that doesn’t have to mean they shut off their emotions and act in violence.  The more women are liberated, the better the man becomes and they have more ways to define themselves then.  If women fight in the military, men don’t have to see themselves as the sole defenders for their country.  There is so much violence, disagreements, and hatred in the world today because of the old image of the man but the world will be a better place as men become more human, accepting that it is ok to be more like women.


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