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Comparison Kills All Joy March 10, 2013

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I know there is a lot of value in giving yourself time to thought process but there is something to be said about immediate reactions.  In the case of situations only impacting the person themselves and it being a small matter in retrospect, I think this is the best way to deal with it, at least mentally/emotionally.  I got one of those rare, brief and simply said but very profound fortune cookies.  I can’t remember exactly but it said something like, comparison kills all joy.  This is so true!  I can think of countless examples where I had so much post depression from an event because I kept thinking about it and how others did better or how we did it differently.  The best example is running-there is actually a thing called post race depression, good or bad race, but ironically, mostly good.  I feel like a champion, so happy and proud of myself and seconds, minutes, or hours later want to do it over, telling myself that I could have beat this person, or could have run seconds faster if I had done some part differently.  To make myself keep running and trying to improve, I have to stay positive, force myself to shut out the bad thoughts and comparisons I try to make.  In the same way, on tests in school, so many times I have had the right answer and then switched my answer and failed a test.  Sometimes I have the reverse though.  After a mediocre race, I’ll still analyze it and compare myself to people I beat, how I ran a smarter race than them.  Overall, that fortune holds true-comparison is destructive.  Life is an individual experience, with outside factors influencing and affecting it, but one must try their best to keep their eyes on their own paper, trusting and being confident in their own answers.


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