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Jackson March 10, 2013

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As someone very interested in human behavior and emotions, my brother is a very interesting subject.  Growing up with 4 sisters was bound to have an influence on Jackson.  Wearing the brightest colors in the color wheel of girls swimsuits, dress up clothes, nail polish, and hair accessories always just seemed to me that he was part of the gang.  I’ve heard stories of parents letting their kids see who they want to be, whatever sex that means.  I think that is neglectful and dangerous because these kids enter this world confused and with a false sense of the real world.  This isn’t Jackson, he more so looked up to his sisters, envied girls but accepted his fate.  I think it’s really sad the life that he has been given so far.  Because of the way he was raised, he has feelings, is ok to cry, is sensitive to other people, has values and aspirations not typical of the “normal” guy, but feels pressure to act appropriate according to society.  He wears boys clothes but incorporates purple and pink, he has a boys haircut but wears it longer than most, he plays sports but not the typical ones, instead he runs and swims.  He cares what he looks like and that makes him not fit in.

I have watched him become a mini me.  I don’t think he is gay or confused about his sexuality, I think he looks up to me/women.  He copies my clothing, my sports, my thoughts, he even has separated from his friends this year just like I did in 7th grade.  Outside of the house, I feel so bad for him, he is mistaken for a girl and left out by most kids.  But at home, everything is fine and normal.  The world is becoming a more accepting place and while I don’t think he is gay, even his femininity will be accepted.  Really, I think he is the perfect kind of guy-sensitive, cares about how he looks, respects women.  His goal is to live with me in the city, with adopted kids, not married but friends who wanted the same lifestyle so chose to live together.  The way he looks at me and talks to me makes me feel so special and I think any woman(or man!) who gets him will be so lucky.


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  1. segmation Says:

    What a great use of colors and the color wheel! Right?

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