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Act 5-#16 March 15, 2013

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Lady Macbeth has a breakdown and it is due to the guilt she has been denying.  She obsesses over a spot, which she imagines is blood, and her hands,  which all revolves around her murdering Duncan.  Holding in one’s emotions in general is difficult, humans are meant to share the weight of situations and find comfort and condolences.  Keeping a murder to yourself is destined to cause a breakdown. Once she commits the murder, she is a completely different person-she goes from being confident and clear headed to paranoid and hallucinating, brave to scared. At first her efforts are to rationalize a murder, telling her husband that it is for the best and then once the dirty deed is done, she becomes completely unhinged.  Ambition is dangerous and exhausting and Lady Macbeth’s unraveling is just one of several of the characters that have the same experience.  Initially ambition is a good thing, leading one to go after goals in life, but the evil ambitions that she had wind up killing her.  My ambitions are much more simple and innocent.  I have difficult goals and push myself a good deal to make them happen but I am in touch with what is healthy and too much.  I can feel myself start to lose focus, get cranky and I know that I need to back off.  Unfortunately, Lady Macbeth’s deed was too great and in one instant, she no longer has the option of going back or recovering.


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