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Rachel Mckibbens March 19, 2013

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I’ve thought more and more about the poetry workshop that we went to on Tuesday and how much I loved what she said/did.  It is very difficult for teachers to get everyone involved- to teach in a way that is effective for each individual.  Poetry is even more difficult, as the best really comes from within and needs to bring out either strong emotions or memorable experiences.  Poetry is a genuine, raw thing and for someone like me, who really hasn’t had that eventful of a life, Rachel gave some effective tips.  I don’t think that poetry has to be dark and depressing.  That is why I really enjoy Richard Blanco, who uses colorful imagery and humorous memories to stretch the limits of poetry. The three column exercise was great in that animals and their characteristics evoke happy images, enforcing a brighter poem.  Also, the exercise doesn’t have to just be for poetry, it can be for a more interesting sentence composition.  In this case, you don’t have to think about the poem really at all-you just think of the object, an animal related, and its characteristic and then put together the first and third column to create a unique phrase or sentence.  I still prefer to listen to poetry rather than write it but I now feel like I know where to begin and that the three column word exercise makes positive poetry more possible.


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