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Columbia Revisited March 20, 2013

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It is incredible how different something can appear or how it’s meaning can change when seen a second time.  I have an image in my mind of where I am going next year based on my recruiting trip and virtual tours.  It was really cool the weekend after Nationals to get to drive down a couple of miles to see Columbia again.  It looked even better than when I left it in the fall-there were students scattered everywhere and everything was all lit up, it looked like Greece, a castle, magical.  I got to look closer at the buildings that I could live in next year, where I’ll eat, study, and have class but the best part was that I have already accepted this as a new home.  We mainly went there to show one of my sisters the campus but I felt ownership, like I was showing off a prized possession.  I think every day I am at Columbia next year I’ll be awestruck but the amazing school and its history will push me to strive to be a contributor for the school, whether that is academically(probably not haha), athletically, or in the community.  This is just another phase in my life but I have the chance to be someone else, redefine who I am in Maine.  It is crazy to see who my sisters have become-one sister more academic than we thought possible, another more outgoing which is completely opposite to the introvert she has been.  I think the school/environment will help define who I will be and that is perfectly fine with me at a place like Columbia!


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