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Lucid Dreams April 1, 2013

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I usually don’t have very cohesive, comprehensible dreams but the other day, I had one that was definitely an idea from a dream but I think could be very effective in the real world.  We had just watched a video in history on a nature preserve in South America that is above a massive amount of oil.  A demonstration was done in New York City, where an oil rig was placed in the middle of a public park, and people were furious.  They felt cheated, powerless, like justice had been upset.  Similarly, I dreamed of walls put up that people were walking into and then getting trapped inside-kind of like a maze, kind of like a cage.  The people within and outside of the enclosures were both upset, feeling similar injustices. In my dream this was an experiment and it exposed what animals who can’t express their thoughts and emotions go through.  Cages are just one example of animal’s plight but they are an important one.  The key to animal mistreatment is the extraction of them from their natural habitats.  Whether it is extreme mistreatment such as being caged in zoos or just caged in a friendly home environment, both are unacceptable.  I think if people can remember how they feel in a situation just like an animals, they’ll be more motivated to promote animal welfare in every way.


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