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To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time April 7, 2013

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This is a carpe diem style sonnet, discussing fleeing time and opportunities that must be taken advantage of.  The rose is a metaphor for the virgins, life from the earth but that is fleeting as all plants have short lives.  The sun is also a metaphor for a new day, new opportunity, etc.  The obvious message is simply to seize the day, but specifically to this, we must keep the title in mind.  With the intended audience being the Virgins, the true message is for the virgins to seize the day in what that would mean to them.  The virgins need to take advantage of their youth, physically being capable to bear child and their attractiveness, to be wed.  It’s funny that I think of seizing the day as an unrestricted, liberating experience but this contradicts my ideas.  This sonnet tells the women to participate in the 17th century repression.  It is in an ABAB rhyme scheme which focuses the reader’s eye to the last word.  While the previous part of each line was important, the last word sets the context or further explains the previous.  For example, “The glorious lamp of heaven” is “the sun.”  Carpe diem isn’t restricted to a definition just of seizing the day, so someone could take it to mean losing control, going crazy, if they have been an overly serious, focused person.  But the message from this piece very clearly in the end stresses the spirituality, a promotion of marriage, and a suggested equivalence between it and being “merry.”


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