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Zero Dark Thirty April 25, 2013

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I just watched Zero Dark Thirty and I learned a lot about an important time in our recent history!  Anything on war, especially torture and death,I find hard to watch but once I got past the first section where they show most of the torture, I was able to tolerate and actually pay attention to this mobie.   It made me realize how much I didn’t know about Osama bin Laden, the war on terror, what the CIA is and how much behind the scenes work there is-going on then and now.  The actual person that shot Osama Bin Laden might be celebrated as the hero but the CIA Officer in this story was really responsable for finding him.  I think the way it ended was compelling-finding him was so difficult and the work was tense and required fine tooth analysis-this had disastrous effects on the CIA staff, until it was all over and the full impact came down on them.  The lead officer was confident and bold and then once he has been found and killed, the movie ends with her on a plane being questioned where she might want to trabel to.  In the end, she killed a man,  and this leaves her unsure of how to move forward in her life.  The troops are not to be overlooked either.  The bravery that is required for these people and troops is incredible-young men are flown to a mass terrorist’s home near midnight and go throughout his maze like hideout, killing terrorist one by one, while collecting the women and children and trying to keep them quiet.  So many things in life we just accept as part of life, but what these people undergo is scary and commendable and should not be taken for granted because these are life or more likely, death, situations.

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