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Psych May 1, 2013

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I feel like I’ve encountered a lot of ethical issues lately and in discussion with other people, it makes me realize how radical some of my theories are.  In my head, everything sounds perfectly reasonable, but when I even just talk with my Mom, I sound so cruel.  The main disagreement is over the Boston Marathon, where a guilty 19 year old boy is being held in critical condition in a hospital to then be tried, be found guilty, and then likely be subject to capital punishment/execution.  My Mom understands what all of this really means, how it would feel and look like, but I say this is all what he deserves.  I don’t think he should have the satisfaction or ease of  suicide or being held in prison.  The majority of criminals really have nothing to fear from the law-unless in high security prisons or put to death, prison is like a hotel, where the essentials of life are provided and they don’t have to work for anything.  My Mom’s argument is that the majority of these people can’t help themselves and wouldn’t think of the consequences.

I’ve been watching the tv show Bates Motel which is based on the famous movie Psycho; it is a highly dramatized account but I think portrays psychological disorders and split personalities really well.  The boy who kills his father is a completely different person from the boy who loves his mother.  Both sides want to protect the mother but the difference is that one acts according to society and the other’s animal instincts take whatever action is necessary.  My sister in college is writing a paper on social development and aggression which got us thinking about all of this and it talked a lot about the external influences.  It is the person themselves who has the issues but it is stuff like their inability to read other’s emotions or thought processes that make them act as they do; in a way, they are in a separate world from the rest of us.  Some sort of conclusion that we came to is that the best punishment for people who commit heinous crimes would be hard labor so that they are doing something productive for society but then punishment isn’t quite so inhumane.  I think there will never really be a solid conclusion to such a senseless act as terrorism and murder.


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