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White Man’s World May 7, 2013

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My mom shared this story with me and I was intrigued by the story and the exercise.  First off, it is difficult to articulate something profound in general.  To then try to squeeze it into a six word statement is harder.  At first, the statement probably only has meaning to the person who wrote it, but when explained, each word serves a substantial purpose.  Dr McGriff’s six words were, “55 mph means you black man.”  It sounded disjointed when he first read it out loud, like there were three parts to it.  But as he explained what it meant to him, the briefness makes it profound.  Essentially, he feels that common speed limit(average laws) are directed and more strictly enforced for a black man like him. He went on to explain how in eberything he does, eberyday, he has to obey “laws” that are unwritten/unspoken-JUST because he is black.  It makes me sick that racism still exists and that in his case, his higher profession, possibly puts him in a worse place.  One would think that he would earn respect by getting an exceptional education and career but rather, people are offended, uncomfortable, and annoyed by this.  While in a job to help and heal people, he is criticized for speaking in a “condescending tone” or using “too good of a vocabulary.”  I think this story from an African American man’s perspective could also be applied to women as well.

I think I’m a pretty average teenager so for my six words, I feel like I’d have to write about something bigger than just me, a force that is just a part of me but nonetheless, I am very aware of-Judaism.


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