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A few things… May 21, 2013

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There were a few things that I wanted to talk about so I’m just going to do a hodge podge blog.

I had to share this piece on npr about “buddhist glitches,” that was very interesting.  It was about how people approach and deal with adversity; with anger, anxiety, hopelessness, sensory soothing, and guilt.  This is an individual’s “glitch” and the better that they can recognize it in themselves and work through it, the more success they will find in dealing with life’s constant struggles.

My sisters are home which is so nice to feel like things are back to normal.  I have some stuff coming up and I like that a lot of the attention will be off of me now.  Plus, it finally feels like summer when they come home and it makes me even more excited for next year as a college student knowing that I’ll be in their place.

Another perk of my sisters being home is that they show me the best videos.  I thought you would appreciate this series on youtube called Fresh Perspective.  The guy who talks with the kids from the new at&t ads was picked from these videos, where he leads political debates between kids.  I’ll make it less funny if I try to keep explaining them so you just have to watch a few!


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